Well let me start off by saying that this world is one sick place. I knew that there had been a problem with child pornography when I first started going into chat rooms and receiving sick, twisted child pictures in my mailbox. I couldnt believe some of the unhuman garbage that was entering my mailbox... Did I ask for this crap? NO! This was about a couple of years ago and I guess I just turned my head like the rest of us out there and didnt stop and think that there is a child out there (maybe our own children) that is being abused day in and day out. I will turn my head no longer and I made a promise to myself to atleast help one child to have a life that children should have and not be subjected to this sick twisted crap! I place this web page up because I will be exposing those who partake in this sick garbage and I want the world to see who these morons are. I personally am going to wipe out any computer that contains child pornography and I could care less about law at this point. The law enforcement is going to do SHIT about this and its up to us to do what we can to help clean up this god-forsaken planet! Law Enforcement wont do anything and the Government turns their heads at it... Its time to put a stop to this abuse! Below you will find data about the assholes who partake in child pornography.


Foundation to prevent child abuse

Help stop sexual abuse

Child Abuse and Child Maltreatment

Child Pornography UK Text

Fighting Child Porno on the Internet

Hotline Against Child Porno on the Internet

Se7en talks to Wired

MSNBC Child Pornography Discussion Links 01010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101


*** Resolved ppp58.anet-stl.com to
- Cardinals is ooga@ppp58.anet-stl.com * I bet you'd like to know
Cardinals on @#0!!!!!!!!!!!!!13yroldsex
Cardinals using wizlink.fl.us.dal.net [] WIZlink's DALnet server
cardinals End of /WHOIS list.
- Session Start: Mon Jun 16 13:57:41 1997
* Logging Cardinals to: [Cardinals.log]
Modify> so your operator of this channel??
Cardinals> one of... yes
Modify> may I ask how old you are?
Cardinals> y?
Modify> Im just wondering what kinda person would wanna collect
and distribute under aged sex pictures?
Cardinals> me
Cardinals> i'm wondering what kida person would wanna come into
underaged rooms, and inquisition it's room members?
Modify> Probably someone who is concerned because what your
doing is highly illegal and disgusting!!
Modify> how bout that for an answer
Cardinals> well, no one is forcing this room on you... if you
do not like it's content, you are free to leave.
Modify> well... so what your saying is the children in these
pictures were not forced to do what they did in those
Cardinals> i did not say that
Session Close: Mon Jun 16 14:04:06 1997


Child pornography was made avialable to anonymous FTP users. The following
images contained pictures of possibly young girls in explicit sexual acts.
Child pornography will not be tolerated. All of the offending material has
been deleted from this server, and a warning message sent. If any more
child pornography is found on this server, the entire machine will be
wiped and targeted for various Denial of Service attacks.
* the machine has been renamed to childporn.corepub.com
* the entire ftp site has been removed
* warning banners have been altered to reflect the content of the site
* mail to childporn@childporn.pubcore.com will go to root 10x
neteen12.jpg *
teen002.jpg *
teen01.jpg *
teen02.jpg *
teen03.jpg *
teen04.jpg *
teen05.jpg *
teen2.jpg *
teen3.jpg *
teentits.jpg *
thirteen.jpg *
yui27.jpg *
monti11.jpg *
naked2.jpg *
org41.jpg *
all pictures listed were suspect of containing potentially young people
* denotes a *very* good chance of being underage


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